Dave A. - Michael is the most knowledgeable and professional home inspector I have ever had the pleasure 
of working with. His fee was fair and ended up saving us thousands in repairs that a previous inspector 

Eric F. - Thorough is an understatement. Michael was a true professional and was very patient in explaining what he was looking for, current problems with the property, and issues that will eventually need to be addressed. He was also able to refer me to other service professionals who provided great pricing as well as service.

Daniel H. - Michael completed two home inspections for me within a month. They were very thorough and explained every detail to us and were able to answer all of our questions.    It was worth every penny. The first home I had inspected had a previous inspection done that had not found half of the issues they found. The work for the buyer and is not afraid to tell you about the issues in the home. They helped me avoid purchasing a home that was not the right fit for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone purchasing a home.  Spend the little bit of extra money to get a thorough home inspection.

Josh F. - Mike climbed on the roof, in the attic, took photographs inside and outside the home, used an infrared camera to check for leaks, etc.  Mike did an excellent job. His report is very detailed, 41 pages!  He provided a summary page and referenced the page in the report where I can find greater detail.  Then, after the home inspection, he answered all of my questions and I know he will answer any other question I might have once I move into the home.  I highly recommend him.
Abbie M.-Michael Ashburn is an extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous home inspector. Michael performed a radon test, wood destroying insect inspection, and home inspection on a house in the Forest Hills area of Pittsburgh.

Michael arrived on site early, and already had a list of things that he wanted to investigate after performing a radon test a few days earlier. Starting in the basement, Michael identified potential plumbing and electrical issues, spotted 
joist damage, and thoroughly checked for moisture. He was very helpful in recommending different ways seal holes that were allowing a draft and how to keep the basement dry. Michael was not afraid to move items out of his way to inspect every corner of the foundation. He was even courteous enough to call the boiler’s manufacturer to determine its age, which is information the seller was unable to provide.  Michael then comprehensively inspected every room in the house, checking the functionality of windows, electrical outlets, lighting, appliances, and ceiling fans. Throughout the inspection, he ran water from every available source to spot any plumbing issues. He identified various safety, electrical, plumbing, and construction problems. Michael then inspected the attic and verified the integrity of a previous roof repair that we had been apprehensive about prior to the inspection. He then used an infrared camera to spot potential leaks and followed the plumbing all throughout the house. Michael suggested an additional test of the sewer lateral line which we had a plumber perform a few days later, which did in fact surface a major issue with the pipe.

The inspection lasted over 2 hours and Michael patiently answered all of our questions. We never felt rushed, and Michael had a sense of humor throughout the process while maintaining a professional demeanor. He promptly provided a 
40 page inspection report complete with photographs the next morning,
and was very responsive when answering additional questions. Due to snow, Michael was unable to inspect the roof. However, he came back several times until the roof was finally clear, and was able to check it out a few days later. I would highly Michael Ashburn and will definitely use him for future home inspections.Type your paragraph here.

David B. - Michael was outstanding. We had a last minute home inspection that needed to be done and he completely accommodated our needs without hesitation. Buying a home is so however, Michael removed a level of stress for us. We are so grateful and thankful for what he has done. Over the top professionalism and complete honesty.... priceless!

Suzan M. -  Michael and his helper were fantastic.  They pointed out things to us we would've never known what it was and gave a brief instruction on how to read or use it (radon detection level gauge), whirlpool tub pump, etc.  A wealth of informative information given during the home inspection and also  with the full report.  Report included photos of items for future reference, describing what it was (radon detection level gauge), etc...  Also, he gave us opinions on existing items not needing repaired but something to think about in the near future, estimated life expectancy of some items in the home, including shingles on the outside of the home.  Michael was professional, with a fabulous sense of humor - taking the nerves out of home buying and inspections.  Would certainly recommend him again and again. - Satisfied!