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ichael J. Ashburn ACI

Michael J. Ashburn
Home Inspector / Investigator

President of PRO-ASHI
(Pittsburgh Chapter of the
American Society of Home Inspectors)

ASHI Certified Inspector, ACI  

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We are a local family owned ASHI Certified home inspection business in Pittsburgh that takes pride in helping all peoplwho are buying or selling homes in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. We exceed the ASHI standards of practice in many areas that so many inspectors do to generate simple reports.  . 
Michael J. Ashburn is an HCI-R / HAAG Certified Residential 
Roofing Inspector #201504301.  
This designation allows for greater experience in roofing inspections and the ability to work with insurance companies for roof damages. 

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Michael J. Ashburn # 201504301
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Michael focuses on educating you as the client about the building items and the building science of your home as a consultant.  We generate the entire report, not an office assistant.   We will customize our work to your specific home inspection.  We exceed the ASHI Standards of Practice, in many areas, that most others and franchise businesses use to perform simple inspections.

 We work for you and assist in the process of buying or selling your home.
Infrared thermal scanning is used in areas of the home where issues may be suspected.  
This technology helps to see beyond a typical visual inspection that may help identify; small roof leaks, plumbing leaks, missing insulation,overheated electrical, and much more.
What is expert testimony? Expert testimony is when our company or a representative from our company is hired to provide an expert opinion in court or for a court case. The inspectors in our company are so well versed in the inspection field we may often be called upon to assist in a case that may go to court to resolve a dispute. Our inspectors are trained to give factual information based on what was accessible at the time of our inspection.


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Below are some recent Facebook &  Angie's List Reviews

 Angie's List Super Service Provider Award

                         Here's what some of my clients are saying about my services.

Nathan H. - I am an architect so I'm well versed in building construction and codes. Why do I need a home inspector? What Michael brought to the table was a depth of experience in home inspection, a host of inspection tools, and a willingness to inspect areas where I was not willing to go. Once on the third floor, he quickly crawled through a dormer window and ambled easily up the roof to inspect the shingles, flashing, box gutters, and chimney.   He provided a thorough inspection of the home. We found a sill plate in the basement with insect damage, and he verified that the area was not active, and the damage appeared to be superficial. He tested all of the plumbing, scoped out the inside of the furnace to check for cracks in the heat exchanger as well as running the furnace and AC, ran all faucets and showers, found some evidence of back drafting in the hot water heater, looked (and did not find) any evidence of active knob and tube wiring, and complimented the electrical work that was done by the sellers' electrician. We tested windows, checked a few spots suspected of active water damage, and discovered one with evidence of dampness in the third floor ceiling, indicating a small roof leak.   Michael returned our report to us that evening, giving us several days to meet our repair request deadline that we needed to present to the sellers.   Michael is not only through, but was a pleasure to work with.  He exhibited a good sense of humor, and I had the sense that he really enjoys his profession. He's busy, but if you can get on his schedule, he's worth it.

Mark S. -  
The inspection couldn't have gone any better.  Mike and his assistant Dan were professional, extremely knowledgeable, and explained the work as they went along.  They were very cordial and answered all of our questions thoroughly and accurately.  They had an amazing amount of knowledge on the subject of home inspections and repairs.  The cost was very reasonable and the finished report was extremely thorough and included detailed notes, recommendations, and digital photographs that helped to explain the scope of work that was done on every section of the house.  Buying a home is a major purchase and can be very nerve-racking. We felt a lot better knowing that Mike and Dan had done the inspection beforehand.  Every detail of the job was attended to professionally, and their knowledge and recommendations will be very helpful for years to come.  Their level of expertise in every area of home inspection, from pest control and radon to water damage and insulation - was very evident and very comforting.  Ashburn Inspections LLC will be the ONLY inspection company that we will recommend to our friends and family.  It was a job extremely well done.

David P
. - Just wanted to give a major credit, and thank you, to Michael Ashburn of Ashburn Inspections. Michael is a real estate inspector, President of the PRO-ASHI - Western Pa Home Inspectors Association, and a totally stand up guy. We have what I thought was a serious structural issue with the roof on our house. I have talked to several structural engineers about the issue and all of them basically said they had no idea what the problem was and that they would need to conduct a study to figure it out. Well, 10 minutes with Michael and after a pile of questions from him - he had the issue figured out. I was kind of skeptical but looked at the area he concluded was the issue. Yep - he was right: for probably $100 I can fix the problem. Bottom line - if you need a house inspector for a transaction, have a structural issue, or other issue with your house: I would highly recommend his firm.

Courtney E.  -   Michael performed a thorough home inspection and radon test.  I called Michael, recommended by my mother, who recently bought a home on her own.  Not only did he call me back, he texted me, which as a working single mother, made communication so much easier.  He showed up, was super friendly, was super thorough, used technology (software on his iphone) to capture his notes.  He really made sure that I knew what he was talking about and what it might take to take care of the issues that arose.  The inspection was complete at 5:30pm on Thursday, by 8am on Friday I had my completed report.  Michael goes above and beyond, in communicating, following up and touching base.   The home buying process is full of talking to so many different people, and throughout this, Michael was the most on top of everything and such a pleasure to hear from.  I say hear from, because he was always in touch with me before I ever needed to reach out to him.    I highly recommend him.    Proactive, Professional, Reliable, Friendly, and Definitely THE BEST!

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